to everyone who auditioned.
Please see below for those who have been called back. Even if you have not been called back, please remember to check the cast list to see if you have been cast in a role.

The following people have been called back for lead roles. Please look carefullythrough this list because you may have been called back for more than one role.Make sure to download the music below for the appropriate role:

Called back for AUDREY: Jenny Jang, Ara Cho, Nicole Kim, Soojin Kim
Called back for SEYMOUR: Samuel Han, Bobby Choi, Chris Kim, Jacob Lee
Called back for CRYSTAL: Yoon-Shin Lee, Eunice Choi, Kate Cho, Jenny Hwang, Soojin Kim
Called back for CHIFFON: Christine Ha, Linette Kwon, Jenny Jang, Nicole Kim, Michelle Park
Called back for RONETTE: Erin Kim, Ara Cho, Christina Koo, Jerin Lee, Kaila Kim
Called back for ORIN: Bobby Choi, Samuel Han, Eric Kim
Called back for MUSHNIK: Sabin Kim, Eric Kim, Chris Kim, Jacob Lee
Called back for PLANT: Chris Kim, Eric Kim, Jacob Lee, Bobby Choi
Called back for Mrs. Luce: Erika Kim, Cecile Kim

Below are the musical excerpts you'll need to download and learn for the call-backs:
(and don't forget to bring it with you to call-backs!)








Mrs. Luce

Call-Backs begin promptly at 3pm on Thursday, December 8th.
Everyone will need to come to MB102 at 3pm with their music.