Drama II

....the pursuit of all things dramatic continues...

Upcoming Assignment Dates:

Unit One: Improv and Movement

Music that Moves Me:


Unit Two: Storytelling

Prepare to explain the unexplainable! Check out these sites for ideas to get you and your group going with The Storytelling Project:
10 remarkable phenomena:
Weird Mysteries
Mysterious Places
21 Most Remarkable Phenomena

Unit Three: Shakespeare Scenes

Unit Four: Ensemble Performance

Last week of the year: ROCKSTARS!Karaoke.gif

For our final project of the year, you will need to do the following:

Choose a song or singer you REALLY like. You may work with a partner or partners, but make sure you all feel good about your song choice. Song must contain no inappropriate language. Song may be in any language, but if it is not English, you will have to show me a translation of the song.

Find a video clip of your rockstar performing their song LIVE. (not the music video of the song). You will be performing the song in our rockstar concert next week, so you will need to find a live version of the song to perform with.

You may sing the song or lip sync the song.

You will need to find a live interview of your rockstar so you can watch and copy their behavior, movement, speaking pattern, mannerisms and habits. I will be interviewing you (as your rockstar) before you perform at our ‘concert’, so you will need to know exactly how they behave.

You will need to research about your rockstar’s life, so you can answer questions about them. (where are they from? when did they start performing, etc.)

If your rockstar usually performs this song with choreography, you’ll need to do the same (perform with the same or similar choreography).

You will need to find pictures of your rockstar so you can dress like them on the concert day.